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Let's face it - the demand for unique program offerings at membership facilities is growing quickly. Clients have so many great options to try out, which also means so many potential communities to join and grow with.
So...if you boil it down to the key ingredients to success in the group fitness world, you would arrive at nothing more than programming and community. I think we can all agree that programming is important because you need to have an effective product. 
Community (a feeling of belonging/purpose/, on the other hand, will make or break a fitness business. This is why it's important to focus on improving client retention.
How do you keep client retention high?
Program offerings.
It's not hard to tell why membership renewals are dropping in the first place, but it is hard to play the pricing game and compete with all of the options that are available to your clients.
Just look at how membership passes like Classpass
and FitReserve have changed the industry!
What we do know is boutique fitness studios (i.e. cycling studios, yoga, crossfit) are trending way up right now. 
However, boutique fitness isn't just a's here to stay.
Clients will ALWAYS want to experience something new,
something that keeps them engaged in their pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves. 
Something to call their own.
At CombineFit, we have honed in on the athlete. We've identified every  Every gym throws around sayings like "train like a pro" or train like an athlete"...but there's no real indication that these gyms are doing anything other than throwing some athletic training drills together that they found on the internet.
What makes CombineFit's athletic-fitness classes any different?
First, we hired a bunch of sports performance specialists and focused on the fundamentals of athleticism. We built our programs on the foundations of what it takes to increase an athletes speed, agility, quickness, power, balance, endurance, and flexibility.
Then, we created a bunch of formats that took all of our learnings into consideration. We built a rock solid bootcamp for athletes, an upbeat and energetic yoga flow for body optimization, sprint speed and vertical testing domination, and a muscle-relaxing stretch & roll class for both pre-hab and rehab situations.       
Give your clients what they really want: 
a variety of true athletic-fitness classes that function like group fitness classes, but with the same level of training and intensity you'd find when they were actually training for sports back in high school, college, and beyond!  
We've developed a proven formula for YOU 
to successfully run and grow an authentic and profitable athletic-fitness business. 
Find out how your organization can capitalize
on the athletic-fitness revolution!
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